This coming Wright Brothers Day, December 17, 2015, take time to ponder on how both Orville and Wilbur Wright succeeded in mastering human flight. You’ll find that their passion and drive is a unique source of inspiration for any business owner. Do you have what it takes to drive your company? Do you know how to set the right environment for your business to succeed?

Wright Brothers

Wright Bothers – Inventors And Innovators

The siblings are touted to be among the most celebrated inventors in the annals of our history. But to many, they were also innovators who did not give up on filling the gaps anywhere in life that they felt would support their ventures. With a lack of formal aviation training and not even sufficient money to back their invention, they still endured. That persistence produced the first successful flying machine, the predecessor to all of modern aviation.

Their success didn’t come over night. It took years and years of hard work. To invent is not necessarily the same as to innovate but when these two pair together, big things happen.

A Shared Dream

Success has to start with a dream. Sharing that dream with someone you trust can add more fuel to the fire. As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one,” the ideas and inspiration that come from that someone will prove useful. What the Wright brothers did was to encourage each other as, in the face of countless stumbling blocks, both believed in the dream they shared.

Continuous Study

Education is an endless process. There’s no limit as to what you can learn, a fact which the brothers took advantage of. They were simply bicycle mechanics, but that didn’t hinder their goal, reaching far and wide just to learn about aeronautics and other related disciplines. And it’s wasn’t only about sciences; they even studied the flight of birds for hours on end.

Commit Mistakes

You can’t expect a hundred percent success all the time with your every endeavor. There will always be room for failure but don’t be afraid to commit mistakes again and again. It took the brothers all of seven years before they succeeded in flying their first motor-powered glider.

Mistakes are how you learn.

The Wright brothers endured failures, numerous hindrances and impediments. They experienced how it was to crash, get injured, suffer wreckage and damage of equipment. They even braved unpredictable weather conditions that were sometimes uncooperative.

What the Wright brothers accomplished was clearly beyond just human flight. Entrepreneurs are learning from them about how to move from ideas to success. On December 17th this year, let us appreciate the dedication of the Wright brothers and emerging entrepreneurs and leaders of today.