It is often quoted by many that the future of the Earth is in the hands of our children. This means that it is the responsibility of current generations to properly educate upcoming generations on the situation of our planet. We need to impress on them the importance of protecting natural resources and reducing pollution. June’s World Environment Day provides the perfect opportunity.

World Environment Day

On World Environmental Day, individuals and companies focus on solutions to the environmental issues we have in our world. Here are some fun and exciting way of advocating the protection of our planet to future generations during World Environmental Day, or any day in general.

1. Storytelling: Telling interesting stories to children is an easy way to penetrate their ears and mind. Informing them about important topics that are relevant to the environment in a whimsical way is a win, win.

2. Green Challenge: Tell children that they should challenge themselves. The little things they do are what matter the most as their value accrues over time. Each day, teach them a green challenge lesson. For example, challenge them to turn off all unused lights before going to school. The next day, challenge them to pick up any garbage they see in the neighborhood.

3. Be creative with recycling: Request children to save up cans, waste materials, bottles, paper and teach them how to recycle. Let the children use their imagination and make pencil holders from cans, crafty rain sticks from Pringles containers, toy phones from egg cartons and more. Use brightly colored paints to get the whole crew into decorating mode.

4. Do mini-theater play: Let the children dress up as their favorite natural characters, such as the sun, moon, trees, wind, and animals. Do a play that has an environmental message in it. Let the children sing songs, dance and act like real actors and actresses. You can invite neighborhood friends to motivate the children.