Vector art is produced by using vector illustration software, such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. Vector art uses mathematical equations and geometric points, lines, and shapes to create art that is camera-ready, clean and able to be scaled infinitely without losing fidelity. Vector art is considered more functional and more aesthetic than the commonly used computer graphics known as raster or bitmap art.

Vector Art

(Pixabay / PIX1861)

Vector art does not have the typical problems associated with raster art files where the art’s edges become distorted the moment the picture is enlarged. A particular color, such as green, has hundreds of shades in the raster art file while there is only one shade of the color in vector files. Raster art graphics are appropriate for screen printing applications, especially when using a one-color pen or ink drawing, but they are not usually a good choice for logo printing. Vector art is best for logo printing.

Vector art is ideal for printing because it is made from a series of mathematical curves that will print crisply, even if the size is minimized or maximized. It is possible to print a logo using vector art on a regular sheet of copy paper and later enlarge it to a billboard size logo without losing quality. This will not be the case when you use a low-resolution raster graphic because it will pixelate or blur when you try to enlarge it.

You will get the same result when you convert typographic characters into images for printing or typesetting. The reason is that older character sets use the bitmap format, which could be printed at the highest level of quality at certain resolution only. The font formats are non-scalable, hence cannot be enlarged without sacrificing fidelity.
Today, high-quality typography relies mainly on character drawings, which are stored as vector graphics, instead of the old bitmaps. Typography files stored as vector graphics can be enlarged up to any size.

Most wall vinyl today is printed using vector art to allow for the generation of print banners of different sizes without any loss of quality. Wall graphics vinyl today is a lot higher quality than the versions of yesteryear.