Have you ever observed that your otherwise glossy and high-quality vinyl appears to be dull and pale? As per sign makers, this is mainly attributed to the scorching heat of summer and it leads to dull spots in the glossy vinyl film. Also, the problem continues to exist despite the change of weather and the dull spots are left behind for a prolonged period. To get things shadier, there are also claims made about the vinyl fading away during winters!

This can be termed as mottle. Sign Makers are left with no answers as this takes a longer period to fade away when the weather is cool. Read on to know about the reason why mottle is caused.

The dull and flat areas on a high-performance film, known as mottle can be seen as a characteristic of conformability. It is shocking to know that the chances of mottle occurrence are higher with a better grade of high-performance vinyl is used. The reason for mottle to occur is the tight winding of vinyl. When it is left wound for prolonged periods or is exposed to heat, the glossy finishing of the surface is taken over by the backing of the liner paper, similar to how it appears when a high performance vinyl is used against a rough surface, resulting in the imperfections being visible clearly. Also, greater the gloss on the vinyl, the more it would reflect in the appearance of mottle. It would seem more prominent on darker colors in comparison to its appearance in bright or lighter colors.

With this, you might be wondering about how to fix mottles. It is best recommended to prevent mottles in the first instance and safeguard your existing vinyl against mottles. Follow the below mentioned tips to store vinyl safely and avoid mottles:

a) Loosen the role slightly when you plan on storing vinyl.

The roll should not be laid on its sides, which might lead to the emergence of flat spots. Store it in the box that you received with the package, using which the roll can be suspended from walls. If you wish to hang the vinyl roll, make use of special pegs or racks that would ensure that the rolls are kept away from sunlight or any other sources of heat.

b) Warm the surface slightly using a heat gun or a hair dryer if there are mottles

When you see signs that show the slightest presence of mottle, heat the surface up slightly by making use of a heat gun or hair dryer to heat it. This would make the gloss and also the color remain intact. Also, if you stay in areas with warmer temperature, just spreading out the vinyl and leaving it as it is would do the job. If mottle occurs in winter, it should be kept spread out for at least an hour before the results show in and mottles disappear. Mottles can also be removed by pre-masking the vinyl, but this is time-consuming as the results would appear after several days. So, it must be understand that with time, mottles tend to disappear and the best advice is to stay patient and wait till the mottles disappear.

This said, you would not have to worry if there are mottles appearing. It is just a characteristic of conformability and it exists in all glossy and high-performance vinyl. It is better to avoid mottles totally, but follow the above mentioned steps to get rid of mottles, if there are any occurrences.