You can protect your car from the elements and turn your vehicle into a roving billboard by applying a vehicle wrap. Adding a protective layer of vinyl to the painted surface won’t hurt your vehicle. In fact, it can help keep your paint job in mint condition for years to come.

Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Maintenance

(Pixabay / dimitrisvetsikas1969)

Vehicle wraps are very low-maintenance. You simply need to wash your car when it starts to look dirty. When dirt and other contaminants are left on your wrap for a long time, they become more difficult to remove. Washing a vehicle wrap is not a complicated process. You can start by rinsing the wrap using the nozzle attachment of your garden hose. Get a clean bucket, and fill it with water and mild car wash detergent. Soak your car-cleaning sponge in the solution. Then start washing the vinyl wrap, beginning from the top down. This ensures that debris runs downward.

After cleaning your graphic with a soft sponge, rinse the wrap with clean water, again using the nozzle attachment of your garden hose. Let the graphics air-dry. If you are in a hurry, dry your vehicle with a microfiber cloth.

Just as dirt will accrue on your car, so can bird’s droppings or tree sap. Both of these contaminants can be difficult to remove. To soften the deposits, soak them with hot, soapy water for a few minutes. You can then rinse them off with water and let the car completely dry. Do not use abrasive materials as they will scratch the vinyl film.

If you accidentally spill gasoline on the vinyl vehicle wrap, make sure to wipe it off immediately. Gas can degrade both the vinyl and its adhesive. After wiping the spill, wash, rinse, and dry the area.
Vinyl wraps are a great investment. Take care of them wisely, and they’ll take care of your car.