Vinyl is currently the most popular material for outdoor signs and banners. The popularity is due to vinyl’s durability, making it a prime material for signs and banners that are exposed to strong winds, rain, snow, and the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun. But vinyl is not a perfect material. It can rapidly deteriorate and lose its luster under some conditions. To preserve vinyl’s integrity for a long period of time, store it with great care.

Vinyl Storage Ideas

(Pixabay / bykst)

The following are some of the places you can safely store vinyl for later use:

  • Shoe organizer – Use the pigeonholes of a shoe organizer to hold your vinyl. You can classify it according to color and assign it a corresponding pigeon hole. Attach your shoe organizer on the wall for easy access to your vinyl.
  • Shelving unit – A shelving unit with plenty of slots is also a good way to store your vinyl. Each slot can accommodate several pieces of vinyl arranged by color, size, or shape.
  • Wine rack – You can use a wine rack to store rolls of vinyl. Place each roll in a wine bottle slot.
  • Plastic baskets hung up on the wall – Attach baskets directly to the wall, or use a double towel hook to hang the baskets. The hooks will allow you to pull the baskets down and replace them as needed. Wall baskets take up very little storage room.

There are many more storage ideas you can use to keep your vinyl for future use. Make sure that the area where you store your vinyl stays at an ideal temperature with low moisture. Heat and humidity can cause rapid breakdown of vinyl.