Don’t forget Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 14. It is a day to honor all mothers and mother figures in our lives. We can celebrate the love and support they have shown over the years and seize the day as a time to show our heartfelt gratitude for mothers’ sacrifices.

Vinyl Signs for Mothers Day

(Pixabay / ngocdai86)

The celebration of Mother’s Day is both sentimental and commercial. As people desire to express their sentiments for their moms, businesses look to offer gift ideas that will help convey feelings of affection and thankfulness.

Retailers may offer Mother’s Day sales or discounts, even for products that are not directly related to mothers. Vinyl signs will be sprouting up all over to advertise holiday deals. If you own a business and would like ideas for vinyl signs, get your creative juices flowing with these signs from actual retail establishments:

  • Vinyl sign in front of a bar – The sign depicts the image of a wine glass with this message: “A mom’s day is always rough. Have a drink and take it easy!”
  • Vinyl sign in a perfumery – Pictures of bottles of perfumes with a message that reads, “Mom’s worth every scent. Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 14.”
  • Written on a vinyl chalkboard at the entrance to a restaurant – “Mother’s Day + Lamb Roast = Happy Mum.”
  • Vinyl sign in front of a wine store – “Don’t forget to buy a bottle for Mom. Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 14. Remember, you’re the reason she drinks!”
  • Vinyl sign in a jewelry store – “Three ways to say, “I love you Mom,” accompanied by three images of jewelry pieces with the corresponding prices.

Any holiday is a good excuse for a sale. Even if your products aren’t Mother’s Day-related, you can still honor moms by offering good deals in celebration of their special day.