Schools will open soon, and parents and students will be stocking up on school supplies. Back to school time can be a major windfall for retailers taking full advantage of the occasion.

Vinyl Signs for back to school retailers

(Pixabay / russmac)

Business’ back to school campaigns are promoted through different advertising mediums. Businesses with an online presence advertise on their website and through blog posts. They also use social media and emails.

The use of online advertising has skyrocketed due to the widespread popularity of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The vast majority of Americans have Internet access now. As a result, inboxes and social media accounts are bombarded by all forms of advertising.

But while the Internet has become the most popular promotional platform, there’s no denying the power of traditional and time-tested forms of advertising. Printed advertisements in the form of flyers, brochures, door hangers, posters, and billboards are still as effective as ever.

Printers and sign shops work overtime in the lead up to the back to school season as businesses order advertising materials. Brick-and-mortar book and school supply stores cover their buildings inside and out with different wall graphics touting sales and discounts. Merchandisers may hand out flyers displaying their wares or mail postcards and booklets showing school-related products.

Vinyl remains the material of choice for advertising during the back to school frenzy. Vinyl graphics are eye-catching and durable, especially when eco solvent vinyl is used. Vinyl posters hold up well and can be stored and reused for future back to school campaigns.