Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 as a reminder that our planet needs our ongoing attention and care. Many of the earth’s resources are finite, and humanity will have to make a concerted effort to make those resources stretch for future generations.

Vinyl Industry Earth-Friendly Practices

(Feeimages / renato cardoso)

Going green means adopting environmentally-friendly practices. We can change the food we eat, the way we travel, our recycling habits, and more.

Beyond just individuals, businesses need to take responsibility for their carbon footprint. Customers tend to look more favorably on businesses that support the environment. In fact, many refuse to patronize businesses that persist in practices that harm the planet.

In the past, the sign industry has used many materials that could be harmful to the environment. The field is evolving, however, as trailblazers in the industry push for earth-friendly materials. The use of biodegradable vinyl, for example,is widely replacing standard banner stock.

The sign business is also finding ways to mitigate the harmful effects of discarded signage materials. In the past, this waste went straight to the dumpster and ended up in landfills. Today, materials are repurposed for different uses:

  • Totes and bags – Discarded vinyl material can be turned into makeup bags, messenger bags, computer bags, bicycle totes, and more.
  • Wall art – Used banners may be displayed on home walls, used as privacy fences, or simply hung on drab fences or buildings to add a splash of color. You can even cut off portions of decorative banners and frame them for unique wall decorations for homes or offices.
  • Tarps – Used banners make excellent tarp covers for piles of firewood or to cover the ground beneath a tent. They can also function as drop cloths for painting projects.
  • School projects – Old vinyl can be used by local schools for different art projects.

As the sign industry continues to grow and change, many committed leaders in the field are pushing it toward an environmentally-sustainable future.