Vinyl banners are effective and affordable tools to promote businesses in different venues, both indoor and outdoor. While the use of vinyl banners is very popular in the industry, even people who regularly use them in their marketing campaigns don’t know a lot about how they are created. Most people simply place a phone or Internet order and—voila—their new banner is ready for display.

Vinyl Banner Printing Process

(Pixabay / andreas160578)

Large format digital printers are used to produce high-quality vinyl banners for advertising displays. The production process starts with the customer submitting a digital print file that suits the desired banner size. Typically, JPEG files are used in printing vinyl banners. The printer will then make a digital proof of the banner for the customer’s approval. Once the customer signs off on the proof, printing can proceed.

A roll of vinyl material, typically 13 ounces, will be connected to the large format digital printer. A computer will process the artwork and transfer it directly to the substrate in order to minimize the risk of smearing or ink blotting. The custom graphics will be printed using waterproof solvent inks that will hold up in spite of harsh sunlight, rain, or wind. Most large format printers are capable of printing a maximum of eight feet in width.

Experienced printers supervise the printing process. They keep an eye on the job to catch any imperfections or discrepancies in quality. The bar is usually set very high; a product will often be scrapped and sent back to the printer for the slightest shortcomings.

After the completion of the printing process, the banner will go to the production department to be customized further. The edges of the banner will be sewed to prevent fraying along the sides once the banner is displayed. After the initial sewing, the vinyl banner will be folded back along its four sides and run through a sewing machine a second time, producing a double-stitched hem for a nice finish.

Aluminum grommets may be added to the banner if the customer desires. Grommets are circular metal rings that can be inserted in the banner for ease in hanging.