Putting your marketing ideas onto a vinyl banner might sound easy, but it is actually more challenging than you might think. For one, your message only has a few seconds to grab people’s attention. If you use a font that is too small, your message could just blend into the background. If you put too much text on the banner, readers won’t be able to take it all in at a glance, and your message will be diluted.

Vinyl Banner Design Tips

(Pixabay / chris6)

Here are some tips to make your next vinyl banner an effective tool:

  • Pick the right font size – Consider the scale and size of your banner and where it will be posted in relation to potential viewers. The general rule is 10 inches of font height for every 100 feet of visibility. You should also evaluate the speed of passing traffic when deciding on the font size. If your vinyl banner will be targeting freeway traffic, your fonts should be bigger than if they are targeting pedestrians on the street.
  • Choose your words – Your words must be able to be read and understood in one or two seconds, or you will lose the opportunity to convey your message. The text on the banner should comply with the three-by-five rule: If you have three lines of text, each line must have a maximum of five words. If you have five lines of text, each line must have three words. You should not put more than 15 words on a banner.
  • Maximize impact with contrasting colors – Use a color combination that will create maximum impact, be easy on the eyes, and set your banner apart from the competition.
  • Think about the banner’s backdrop – Consider the backdrop of the space where you will be posting your banner. Then, choose a background color for your banner that will offer contrast. If your banner will be hanging against a blue building, don’t opt for a blue background. Otherwise, your banner will blend into obscurity.
  • Consider a double-sided banner – If people will be able to see the back of your banner, print both sides to catch the attention of more passers-by.
  • Measure the size of the mounting location – Make sure you have enough space to mount your banner.
  • Size up the competition – If there are other banners or signs in the area, find a way to make your banner stand out from the rest. You can make your sign bigger than the others or use more vibrant colors.
  • Use wind slits if necessary – Vinyl banners that will be displayed in a windy location should use weave or mesh material that will allow wind to flow through. Strong winds can damage your banner, but wind slits provide a safeguard.
  • Include hanging options – When you order your banner, ask about features such as sewn-in ropes or pole pockets to make mounting or hanging easy.

Vinyl banners can be a big investment. Plan yours carefully to make it the most potent marketing tool possible.