The real estate business is highly competitive, and agents have to be on top of their game to get new clients and keep existing ones.

Real estate agents seeking to promote their services can use vehicle wraps to turn their car into a veritable moving billboard. A vehicle wrap is a large vinyl decal that can be applied directly to the surface of a car, van, truck, or bus. Agents can get their names in front of a host of people each day as they drive around town. Their wrap can attract new customers and deepen brand awareness for existing clients.

(Pixabay / chris6)

If you’re a real estate agent and considering a vehicle wrap for your car, consider these benefits:

  • A wrapped vehicle can get over 65,000 visual impressions per day-far more than you can get from yard signs or other traditional signage.
  • Vehicle wraps cannot be easily stolen. (Other signs are more vulnerable to theft.)
  • Vehicle wraps can be taken off easily without harming your car’s paint job. In fact, wraps can help protect your car’s finish from the elements.
  • Wraps can last nearly a decade.

Be creative in designing a wrap. Knowing that it is a long-term investment, consider hiring a graphic designer to help you generate a winning product. Make sure that your design is colorful and attention-grabbing but simple enough that people can process it in just a few seconds. Include a call to action with contact information. Make sure that your information is easy to read from a distance.