Putting an ad on a moving vehicle is a great way of exposing a large number of potential clients to your brand. A wrap can essentially turn your vehicle into a roving advertisement. The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the ad, making semi-trucks and semi-truck trailers a great medium for vehicle wraps advertising.

(Pixabay / dimitrisvetsikas1969)

Here are just a few reasons to wrap your big rig:

  • Cost-effective – You can attract travellers with billboards, but they carry a hefty price tag. And the longer you leave the billboard up, the more you have to pay. With vehicle wrap advertising, you can accomplish the same thing as you will with a billboard but you only have to spend once. Then you own the wrap, which can last for eight to nine years.
  • Attention-getting – Who will not notice a big truck traveling down the road festooned with colorful design? If people are idling at a stoplight or on cruise control on the freeway, you will have a captive audience for your bold and conspicuous ad.
  • Non-invasive – People may be distracted by a radio ad, but vehicle wraps are less invasive. If people are watching the road, chatting with their front seat passenger, or walking down the street, they can get a quick glance at your advertising message while still maintaining focus on their activity.
  • Large audience – Your truck probably covers some serious ground. Why not take advantage of the mileage with a wrap? Tens of thousands of people can see your wrap each day. If you find yourself taking the same route, all the better. People often need to see an ad (or a wrap in this case) several times before they are willing to take action.

Advertising a company through semi-truck wraps is a proven and low-cost way of improving your revenues and growing your business.