Ahhh LOVE – it comes in different forms. When you’re in love, every day is like a mini-Valentine’s Day. There are those who are overflowing with love. Not only are they full of love, but they’re also not ashamed to express such feelings. For example, we’ve seen some customers build giant signs and billboards containing serious or funny messages – all in the spirit of love.

For business owners, the formal day that acknowledges love, Valentine’s Day, offers a unique opportunity to market your product or services. Below is a handful of the Valentine’s Day advertisements that were unique or powerful for Valentine’s Day exposure.

1. “Watch out. Love is in the air.” This Heineken ad features an outline of Cupid rising from the frost of a cold Heineken.

Love is in the air

(Source: www.business2community.com)

2. “Love needs a bit of upkeep.” This Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 razor ad features a heart covered in beard hair.

Smooth Valentines Day

(Source: www.theinspirationroom.com)

3. “Valentine’s Day is no time to be apart.” Wonderbra’s ad shows a revealing white brassiere. Then a tag is fastened on the side with the words “the one and only WONDERBRA” written on it.

No time to be apart

(Source: www.pinterest.com)

4. “There is no drug for love. That’s why we can only say Happy Valentine’s Day.”

No drug for love

(Source: www.pinterest.com)

As an entrepreneur, don’t stop looking for ways to engage your existing customers or your prospects, with or without Valentine’s Day. But, since the heart holiday is just around the bend, why not make the most of it?