Valentine’s Day is a $19 billion industry. The average American spends approximately $120 on Valentine’s Day gifts, including flowers, food, and entertainment. While we used to purchase gifts at brick-and-mortar stores, about 40 percent of today’s Valentine’s Day sales are made on the Internet.To cash in on this, advertisers should be mindful of their online advertisements.

Banner Valentines Day

(Pixabay / DWilliams)

Making Valentine’s Day ads requires a lot of creativity. There are no hard and fast rules. What works for one company may not work for another.

The Copy

Creativity is the life blood of advertising. It can drive up your sales and make a lasting brand association. In writing your copy, aim for optimal innovation, but stay within these bounds:

  • Less is more – Nobody has the time to read long, drawn-out ad copy. Grab people’s attention with just a couple short sentences. For example, Binboa Vodka has only two sentences in one of its premier ads: “On Valentine’s day, 78 percent of people go out to find a new partner. 100 percent end up calling their ex.” Or consider the copy from a successful Heineken ad: “Watch out. Love is in the air.” Below these two pithy sentences is the image of Cupid emerging from the mist of a newly-opened bottle of Heineken beer.
  • Know your demographics – More men than women spend money on Valentine’s Day. Focusing your ads on men may bring more positive results.
  • Call-to-action – Sending a clear message about how you want people to respond to your ad will help them find your conversion page. A short, direct CTA generally works better than a long one.

The Design

Your banner design is crucial to an effective online marketing campaign. The design should always resemble your brand. When you create your design, carefully consider the visual identity of your brand. Observe the following:

  • Color scheme – Since you are designing for Valentine’s Day, red is a safe choice for a primary color. Pink or purple can serve as accents. Let’s consider another exemplary Heineken Valentine’s Day ad. It shows a green beer bottle with a gold ribbon against a strong red background. The message is simple: “Love is in the air. 14th February. Valentine’s Day.”
  • Right typeface – You can use any type of font you want, but make sure that it is associated with the style and message that you want to convey.
  • Distinct element – You will need an image or picture that will catch the shopper’s eye. A romantic design element works well for a Valentine’s Day ad.

There is no established formula for success. Try designing a banner ad and testing it on a focus group. Don’t let Valentine’s Day pass your business by. Love is in the air and so is spending money. Cater to online customers and increase your profits this month.