There was a time when billboards, broadcast advertising, fliers, paper coupons, and banners were the dominant ways of advertising a product, event, or service. That was the era of traditional marketing. With the advent of the Internet, marketing strategies have turned a corner with online marketing options, including websites, content marketing, social networking sites, banner ads, and video marketing. Both types of marketing, whether traditional or Internet-focused, aim to achieve the same goals: to attract customers, establish a brand, and secure a share of the market.

Traditional vs Online Marketing

(Pixabay / Witizia)

Every business strategy is premised on the budget. Online marketing has a distinct advantage over traditional marketing when it comes to cost. Traditional marketing can entail huge expenses, requiring you to pony up large sums of cash to keep a promotion running for an extended period.

There is also cost involved in online marketing, but it is not as substantial as the expenses for traditional marketing. For example, a business can purchase banner ads on websites, which are usually significantly cheaper than newspaper ads given their reach. A single banner ad on popular websites could potentially reach millions of users for a modest cost.

Online marketing offers long-term coverage. Your content marketing will be available on the Internet for many years. It will be archived over time, but a searcher can still find it. On the other hand, pricey newspaper ads will be tossed away the next day.

In terms of reaching the target audience, traditional marketing may present some advantages over online marketing. Specifically, traditional marketing can effectively access target customers who do not connect to the Internet frequently. Some people may not have access to the Internet and can only be reached through traditional marketing tools. For those who are online regularly, however, Internet marketing can be a powerful tool that will effectively pinpoint very specific subsets of the population.

Business leaders see many advantages with online marketing, but it is not time to totally give up on traditional efforts. Many traditional advertising ideas are highly effective, including the use of wall vinyl and UV laminates. You will see vinyl on storefronts and also on vehicles, such as for vehicle wraps that promote products or services.

There must be a proper balance between traditional and online promotional methods. Rather than viewing the two mediums as opponents, think of them as complementary forces that must be balanced to achieve a maximum return on investment.