You might be ready for the holidays, gifts purchased and wrapped, but plenty of shoppers are still out there, squeezing in the last of their purchases before Christmas hits. It’s important to catch the attention of those shoppers so you can win them over with your inventory.


(Pixabay / heberline)

Here are some of Christmas advertising ideas that will attract the attention of those last-minute shoppers.

  • Email campaign – Consistently sending promotional emails to your customers helps guarantee brand recognition when they head out to shop. Write creative content and include offers that customers can’t refuse. That way, you can convert readers to buyers.
  • Social media ads – This form of advertising is exploding along with the medium itself. Social media ads can be designed to look like part of the stream. It’s a non-intrusive way of conveying information about your product or service through a forum that your customer is familiar with. Native ads are available at both Twitter and Facebook. Sponsored updates are allowed at LinkedIn.
  • Social media posts – Your presence in social media can perfectly complement your paid media advertising campaign. Post frequent and engaging content, making sure you give your readers good reason to visit your social media site regularly. Re-tweet, re-pin, and re-post holiday messages that will draw attention to your seasonal deals.
  • Social media events – Host a TweetChat, a holiday promotional PinChat (based on a certain holiday theme), a Facebook auction or any online holiday shopping party. Social media events attract customers, especially if you offer incentives for those who join your event.
  • Neighborhood networking – Sometimes, we get lost in a virtual world and forget we are living in a real neighborhood where there are actual people. Participate in a local craft fair or bazaar as well as holiday parties or other events taking place in your neighborhood. If you can meet customers online, you can also meet them right around the corner.
  • Holiday giving – It’s important to share your success through charity. Find a local fund raising event and offer them a percentage of your sales in exchange for the chance to sell your products at their event. People will often be more likely to make purchases when they know that part of the proceeds are going to charity.

With the holidays just around the corner, take advantage of the last stretch of holiday shopping to attract customers and boost sales.