The rush of holiday shopping is now months behind us. Retailers and business owners can’t wait for the next big shopping event. Surprisingly, St. Patrick’s Day may offer that burst of sales that businesses are craving.

St. Patricks Day

Did you know that some surveys report that individuals spend upwards of $40 each on St. Patrick’s Day related purchases? The total projected sales for St. Patrick’s Day is into the billions. Just imagine if your business can get a slice of the action and rake in sales and profit. Here are some tips on how to bump up your marketing and advertising on St. Patrick’s Day.

1. Look for influencers who can help you spread the news about your product. As long as your product truly provides value, the market will welcome it.

2. Provide incentives for referrals. Satisfied clients are best influencers, but to aid their motivation, you can offer incentives or perks for referring your business to family and friends.

3. Know how and when to use limited time offers. You can run a St. Patrick’s Day sale for a day. However, you just need to plan your marketing ahead of time to maximize results. For example, do marketing and promotions one to two months before the sale, be active in social media and so on.

4. Think of different promotional strategies. You can run a buy-one-get-one-free promo, or offer other freebies when a customer spends a certain amount.

5. Sell something unique and interesting. Expect that other retailers or sellers will be offering the same souvenirs and knickknacks so expect that competition will be stiff on all bland St. Patrick’s Day products. Hence, you need to be creative. Since green items are the ‘in’ thing, offer a variety unique products that are of interest to your target demographic and make them available in green.