Multi-colored signs rendered on printing vinyl are effective advertising materials, as they easily catch the attention of passers-by. Making these signs involves cutting multi-colored, layered vinyl graphics. It is a complicated process that requires high levels of skill.

align vinyl sign layers tips

(Pixabay / Hans)

The challenge of producing multi-colored vinyl signs is getting the layers to align. Unskilled sign makers find it difficult to arrange the different colors, so they may ruin the printing supply vinyl and end up with an unsightly finished product.

The difficulty lies in the transfer of the cut texts. Since the text is moved piece by piece to the medium, the risk of misaligning is very high. The cut text is a very delicate piece of material and should be transferred to the exact location on the medium. Any slight deviation from the prescribed pattern will result in misaligned text that will look unprofessional.

You can align multi-colored vinyl by following these steps:

  • Make your graphics or your design. Prior to exporting your work to your cut software, add small ¼-inch squares on two spots of your design. Those carefully-positioned squares will serve as your registration markers and guide you as you transfer your cut graphics or designs later.
  • Import your finished design into the cut program you are using. Do not forget to select all your registration squares. You can either click them one by one or use the ground command in order to select all of them at once.
  • In the process of cutting each vinyl color, use extra care to ensure that you pay attention to the registration squares. Make sure that they will not move or get lost during the weeding process. Once you cut off the registration squares, you will be left without guide points.
  • When you are ready to apply the cut vinyl to the substrate, line up the registration squares, one above another. Then, peel off the vinyl, and you will have a perfectly aligned layer.

Before applying the cut vinyl to the substrate, remove the liner around the registration squares, allowing you to see through the pre-mask for a flawless application.