There’s a growing marketing for wrapping elevator doors with messages and branding. And for good reason.

Elevators are a focal point for many buildings and businesses. And it’s one of the few places still in the world where you can command someone’s attention—even for a few seconds.

You almost HAVE to watch elevator doors, waiting for them to open. And if there’s a message there, you almost have to read it.

Markets can include hospitals, doctor’s offices, commercial locations, hotels, and others. And messages may be very different, depending on the location.

So building a profit center from elevator wraps makes sense.  For the signage professional, however, wrapping elevator doors has a few challenges. And you need to be aware of these—and know how to handle them—to make sure you maximize your profits.

The first thing to remember, according to other sign pros who’ve serviced this market, is to secure time to actually do the installation.  Elevators are almost constantly in use, so you have to do the install either after business hours or during a time when the elevator can be shut down. (Keep in mind that because the elevator may run pretty much constantly, the building staff may not even know where the shutdown key is; coordinate everything beforehand, or you can lose your profitability with excessive waiting and downtime.)

For an elevator wrap project, choose a good self-adhesive vinyl. Laminates may hold up better, especially if there’s going to be a lot of equipment banging against things (like gurneys in a hospital.) Depending on the configuration of the door, you may find you have to tile graphics instead of being able to use a single sheet. If you’re doing signage for the inside of the elevator, keep in mind that you may encounter vandalism, so anti-vandal/graffiti measures may be needed.

Helpful hint:  pay special attention to the edges of imagery, because if there’s friction between door sections, these can quickly become problem areas and possibly reasons for a callback from building maintenance.

Develop a business of elevator graphics, and you may find that you’re getting repeat business for a very long time.