With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to unleash your best marketing strategies to take advantage of the holiday shopping bonanza. Marketing campaigns can take many different forms – television advertisements, emails, social media posts, etc. Advertisers tend to save some of their most creative efforts for the holiday season, and their audience is noting that trend. Just as with the Super Bowl, consumers are beginning to look forward to ultra-clever holiday advertising campaigns with great anticipation.


(Pixabay / jill111)

Holiday advertising campaigns often employ humor. (It’s a great counterweight to the stress of the season.) Campaigns may also capitalize on emotions in line with the spirit and sentimentality of the season. Advertisers may partner with charitable organizations to evoke compassion and good will.

Looking for some ideas for your holiday blitz? Consider drawing inspiration from these noteworthy holiday marketing campaigns:

  • Personalized Coca Cola Bottles – Drinking Coke can become a very personal experience when your name is on the can or bottle. Coca Cola made this option available as part of a marketing campaign titled “Share a Coke” in 2015. Instead of printing their notable company logo on the product packaging, they printed common names. People were encouraged to gift these bottles and then share their experiences on Twitter . Those who participated were eligible to have their pictures and stories shared on the Coke website and on billboards. This was a significant boon for sales because of the way it connected personally with buyers and met people where they love to be—online and engaged in social media.
  • Design a Pack of Oreos –While Mondelez International, Inc. may be best known for the cookie we have loved since 1912, the company continues to bring out fresh and innovative marketing campaigns. In November 2015, the company tweeted an invite for people to design and personalize an Oreo pack for their family members and friends. The pack could be designed online and shipped directly to customers. It gave people a personal connection to Oreos and also offered a great gift option for the approaching holidays.
  • Starbucks for Life – People love the idea of winning things, and Starbucks knows it. Starbucks held its “Starbucks For Life” sweepstakes two years in a row for their Rewards Members. Five lucky members could win one beverage and one food item each day for 30 years. That’s a whole lot of coffee and pastries! The sweepstakes resulted in more sign-ups for the Starbucks Rewards program, which also meant that more people were buying more products. Registered members got a code every time they purchased Starbucks products. They then went to StarbucksForLife.com and entered the code to find out if they were lucky winners.

Draw inspiration from these campaigns or mastermind a few of your own to maximize your profits this holiday season.