Vinyl is a very popular material for outdoor banners and signs—largely because of its durability. Durability is key for signs that are exposed to strong winds, rain, snow, and the unrelenting rays of the sun. But while vinyl is hardy, it’s not immortal. It can deteriorate gradually under some conditions. To keep vinyl in optimal shape for the long haul, it’s important to use care when cleaning or storing vinyl banners.

Storing and Cleaning Vinyl Banners

(Pixabay / jarmoluk)

Here are a few tips for extending the life of your vinyl signs:

  • Clean it – Before storing your vinyl banner, clean it with warm water and mild hand soap. Using harsh chemicals in cleaning your vinyl banner will shorten its lifespan, if not entirely curtail it. After washing your vinyl banner, dry it thoroughly with a soft towel. Let it sit for a while to make sure that there is no leftover moisture before you store it.
  • Roll it up – Banners should be rolled up rather than folded. Folding your vinyl banner is not a good idea. The folds will leave creases on the banner that may prove impossible to get out when you want to hang it once again. Also, the ink may transfer from one surface to another.
  • Store at room temperature – Heat and humidity can cause a rapid breakdown of the vinyl. It can make the banner stiff and brittle. It can also cause the ink to transfer or deteriorate, which will be almost impossible to fix later.
  • Store in a box – It is a good idea to keep the banner’s original storage box for future use. Return the rolled-up vinyl banner to its original box to prevent it from getting creased or crushed.

Vinyl banners provide a great, economical way to promote your business. You can maximize their life and usefulness with proper attention to their care and keeping.