Vinyl wall art is one of the most popular ways of decorating your walls. It is versatile and can be replaced depending on the season. Themed vinyl decals could be used to adorn the walls of various rooms. For example, decals with images of food and fruit can be used in the kitchen, decals depicting musical instruments could add style to an entertainment room, and so on.

Store and Recycle Vinyl Decals

(Pixabay / pablocamporojo0)

When you remove seasonal decals, you don’t need to toss them. They can be stored and used again next year. Vinyl decals are easy to install and remove. This allows them to be transferred from one location to another. If you move to a different house, for example, the decals can move right along with you.

To peel a vinyl decal from the wall, begin with one corner. Carefully remove it from the surface and continue to peel slowly, making sure that it will not crease or stick to itself. Lay the peeled vinyl decal on a sheet of wax paper, then roll it up carefully, avoiding wrinkling or creasing. Place the decal into a resealable plastic bag and store it in a safe place until you are ready to use it again in the future.

If you are going to reapply the decal or any other vinyl wall art in the future, you will have to apply it in the same way you would with a new vinyl decal. If you notice that the adhesive will not stick like it did when it was new, you could add a little glue from a glue stick. Don’t use too much, however, because it might make the vinyl difficult to remove later. Add just enough to make the decal stick safely.