World Health Day is a day of global health awareness that was conceived by the First World Health Assembly in 1948. It is celebrated on April 7 to commemorate the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization. The day serves as an opportunity to draw worldwide attention to important health topics.

Stay Healthy

(Pixabay / janeb13)

As the pace of life only seems to quicken, World Health Day is a great opportunity for people to stop and evaluate their health. Physical fitness often gives way to busy days, sliding lower on the priority scale as commitments stack up. This is especially true for busy entrepreneurs who find themselves so wrapped up in their work that there’s little time to attend to their health.

It’s possible to be healthy and busy, too. If you find yourself strapped for time, consider these ideas for staying fit in spite of time constraints:

  • Use a standing or walking desk – If you spend your days tied to a desk, try using one with adjustable heights, allowing you to stand while working. That way, you can burn more calories while on the job.
  • Keep healthy snacks on hand – If you sometimes get so busy that you forget to eat, try keeping healthy snacks within reach to curb your hunger and keep you energized. Store granola bars, cheese, and sliced fruit and vegetables rather than highly-processed, calorie-stuffed foods.
  • Buy ergonomic equipment – Office supplies and equipment, such as your chair, mouse, and keyboard, come in ergonomic designs, which can provide optimal support for your physique.
  • Install good lighting – There is a connection between office lighting and workers’ productivity and health. It is easy to feel burnout and eye strain when you are working in dim lighting.
  • Clean the air with plants – Try adding live greenery to your office. Plants add visual interest to your environment and help purify the air inside the office.
  • Monitor physical activity – There are wearable devices that you can use to monitor your physical activity throughout the day. The devices will help you track your activity and feel motivated to get up and move.
  • Exercise at work – Think of a few physical activities that you can do right in your office space, and commit to perform these exercises regularly. They can keep you awake and alert, allow you to clear your head during stressful times of the day, and, of course, improve your overall health.

Living healthfully is a matter of choice. With a little resourcefulness and a firm resolve, you can squeeze out time to be your best—even on busy days.