Spring is a season of new beginnings for all of us—including advertisers. In winter, we turn our attention to indoor pursuits to avoid the cold weather. With the coming of spring, however, companies would do well to turn their advertising efforts outward to appeal to people venturing outside to soak in the warmer weather. Vinyl banners and stickers make a great way to catch people’s attention as they move outdoors.

Spring into Advertising Success

(Pixabay / NickSweet)

The following are advertising tips to help you take advantage of spring:

  • Spring cleaning – Spring is the season for getting rid of junk that may have accumulated during winter. Spring cleaning is also a theme that businesses can use in their marketing campaigns. If your business has any connection to spring cleaning, capitalize on it in your advertising campaigns. For example, if your business ties into home furnishings or interior design, encourage people to seize the season and switch out old furniture and décor items.
  • Daylight Saving Time – The shift to Daylight Saving Time is another conspicuous part of spring. You can use the “spring forward” theme to entice customers to charge ahead and be proactive in buying your products.
  • Spring holiday celebrations – There are several holidays during the spring season including Easter and Mother’s Day. Businesses can cater their marketing efforts to these holidays. You might hold a Mother’s Day sale or team up with other businesses in your area to provide an Easter egg hunt. You could also play off of the beginning and the end of spring for excuses to run sales. For instance, sign off on spring by hosting a “Welcome Summer Sale” and clearing out spring items at a discount to make room for new merchandise.
  • Spring designs – Incorporate the iconic symbols of spring into your product and marketing designs to attract customers. Even product packaging can display spring-themed designs, such as eggs, butterflies, and blooming flowers.

As people emerge from the doldrums of winter, get in on the anticipation of new beginnings. Use spring themes to increase your business success.