New aluminum alloy and other non-magnetic body panels pose a challenge for signage:  How do you get them to stick?

There are numerous adhesive dot choices that have become available to address the aluminum panel issue. But not all of them are alike. Some vinyl dot adhesives won’t stay on in the rain, or become brittle in cold weather. They can fail, likely at inappropriate times.

But good adhesive dots can offer advantages.  For example, they can be easy to remove and install. And some are weather resistant. However, there are also non-adhesive solutions, too.

IOM’s Wall Lizard uses microsuction rather than adhesives to attach to body panels. It can be easily attached and removed, and is simple to reposition. It also doesn’t leave residue. Microsuction material is waterproof and tear resistant. Leave it on in bad weather (but removed it before going through a car wash. It can also be easily stored when not in use by wrapping around a liner-coated core/tube or applying it to a piece of Coroplast. 

And because it’s made from PET rather than PVC, Wall Lizard doesn’t contract and expand with changes in temperature, so it maintains its grip on the side of the vehicle.

We can provide more information on the choices you have for adhering signs to non-magnetic body panels. Tell us about your toughest challenges, and we’ll help you find a way to solve them with new technology to give your customers the most powerful messaging possible.