To be seen by potential customers, you need large, attractive signage. Here is why graphics print shops and sign companies choose Instant One Media.

Printable Vinyl and Signage

Less Is More

We sell less than half a dozen products. That means we put more time into developing quality products. We also have better opportunities to source the highest quality materials at the lowest prices by focusing on a core line of products.

Direct Selling, Lower Cost

For your printing vinyl needs, isn’t it best if you get them at the lowest cost? With other companies that offer private label vinyl and 54-inch laminate, they usually come from various middle men with prices hiked up at each point on the way before reaching you. Meaning, the price you paid for the signs increased because you indirectly paid three, four, five or more companies. That’s where Instant One Media is different. We take out the middle men. We source our materials more direct and pass on the savings to you.

Higher Profit Margins

With our high-quality, wholesale priced vinyl and lamination film you can deliver top-notch product and signs that your customers demand, all while remaining profitable. Skip wasting money with Oracal, 3M, Averay, Brightline, and other name brand products. Get the same quality with private-label lamination film and printable vinyl with Instant One Media. It is no wonder that more graphics print shops and sign companies are switching to Instant One Media.