A laminator is equipment that preserves important documents or items by fusing two pieces of plastic together with the document or item in between. A laminator can be a small movable machine or a large one that has a fixed location. Laminators may be classified as: roll laminators, pouch laminators, and cold laminators.


Roll laminators use large film rolls to laminate any size of documents or a number of documents that can be cut or trimmed when finished. Pouch laminators are small, portable machines that use adhesive-lined plastics to cover a document. The document is placed inside a pouch, which needs to be run through the machine that heats the two plastic sides to seal the document. Cold laminator uses adhesive and pressure to encase the document.

Cold Laminator

Cold roll laminator uses plastic film coated with adhesive with glossy backing that does not adhere to the glue. Removing the glossy backing exposes the adhesive, which can stick directly onto the document or item to be laminated. It is very useful in laminating documents that are prone to damage when subjected to heat, such as thermal papers that are typically used in concert tickets and boarding passes. Cold laminator machines could be as simple as a hand crank, two-roller machine or as complex as motor driven one with precision, adjustable rollers with advanced features.

Uses of Cold Laminator

Cold laminators became popular with the wide use of inkjet printers that use paper and ink that are not compatible with hot laminators. It found wide use in the print industry that uses PVC and other materials for the laminating process. Cold lamination is also used in coating stainless steel and sheet glasses. Cold lamination is an important tool in the sign making industry such as in mounting large prints on billboards.

Vinyl Sign Industry

The cold laminator is vital to the success of any vinyl sign industry especially with the wide use of the wide-format printing technology. Hot laminator does not work well with PVC, the most common type of material used by sign makers. Cold lamination is the most compatible type for this kind of material.