We know that your New Year’s resolution includes making your venture more profitable and to increase efficacy in service delivery. We are here to make sure that you achieve your targets. Instant One Media’s new 54″ cold lamination film and vinyl rolls with air-release technologies offer you private label prices with name brand quality. While our product is considerably more affordable than many alternatives, our quality is outstanding and matches the best in delivering long lasting and attractive creations that pleases your clients. There is no longer a need to be forced to buy higher priced Oracal, 3M, Brightline, or Avery laminate. We beat the alternatives hands down.

Since we are both a printer and a supplier, we know all your daily dealings. We understand the market niche and we hold the key to the realization of your new year’s ambitions. When it comes to making your enterprise profitable you need to make effective inventory investments. For instance, you can save up to $50 per week if you use one roll of vinyl when you compare the pricing of our No Bubble Vinyl and Oracle. This translates to $2,600 worth of savings in a year. Imagine making $5,000 worth of profit more than last year while maintaining the same level of business; we let you do just that.

Our low priced no-bubble vinyl helps you provide the quality your clients deserve at pricing you can profit from. Since your clients are keen on costs too, they keep coming to you with bigger orders. This only leads to more growth in your profits. Scanning a heap of catalogs will confirm that we are among the cheapest solutions in bulk vinyl. We’ll help you get top returns from your inventory. The efficiency in our products is top notch. All the outstanding traits of vinyl are combined in our product; removable adhesive, air release, and grey adhesive. Never again should you pay more than around $100 for laminate. Our offer is unbelievable, if you cut the pricing to your clients by half, you are still able to make the same profit. Your customers know right away that you are the best deal and they flock with more orders, you make more money and smile all the way to the bank.

Our experience in printing has assisted us in understanding the market better than other suppliers. We are able to discern that as little as a 5% reduction in cost of your materials can aid you a long way to making your venture profitable. But ours is not a 5% reduction, our prices are as much as 80% lower than Oracle. Given that our new vinyl and laminate maintains the same high standard in quality, the offer is certainly unbeatable. Look no further, order your no-bubble vinyl today and see all your New Year’s aspirations of success come true.