“Thank you.” Two simple words that can mean a lot. After the festivities of December are over, many of us feel burned out. The new year brings new opportunities. A clean start. To compliment new opportunities, January is also National Thank You Month. Now is the opportunity to express your gratitude to people who have helped you along your journey in life.

National Thank You Month

Children are quick to express gratitude. It seems that saying “thank you” is just as natural as wearing clothes. As people grow older, we get busy with life and seem to forget this courtesy a bit. The thing about saying “thanks” to someone is that it not only makes the recipient of the kind words feel good, but you, too. They say that when you express thanks, you feel better. Experts refer to this as a dopamine rush – the feel-good hormone associated with pleasurable feelings.

Studies have proven that a grateful attitude can actually make a person healthier and happier. Saying “thank you” makes you feel good. Therefore, odds are less that you’ll suffer the blues. Having a good night’s sleep, fewer anxieties, more satisfaction in life – these are just some of the benefits you get when you are thankful. Business-wise, habitually expressing gratitude, especially to those who have helped us succeed, is one way of attracting more success.

Inspiring Ways To Say “Thank You”

They say that nothing beats a handwritten thank-you note if you want to establish a permanent impression. Many executives often miss this simple act for reasons only they would know. Surprisingly, writing to express your gratitude implies a lot of things, such as:

  • emphasizes your appreciation
  • intensifies your connection with that friend, customer, or family member
  • establishes trust
  • brings satisfaction

Some may think that a hand-written thank-you is an obsolete practice, passé in this modern digital world of ours. Quite the opposite is true. Since so much of our life is digital, a hand-written thank-you really stands out these days. It says you took time. You took extra initiative to express gratitude. If you received a stamped letter with your name etched on the front, wouldn’t you be thrilled?

The best part is that writing a one-liner thank-you message takes but a few minutes. It’s the thought that counts, so they say. Don’t be intimidated of saying thanks to the point of delaying it until it becomes too late that you’d be embarrassed to send. To the eager recipient, saying “thank you” is never too late.

Companies should be practicing the gratuitous habit of giving thanks because wherever they are today, they owe a lot to the customers that believed in them by making a purchase. Successful businesses owe much to loyal customers that consistently buy from them.

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At Instant One Media, we are forever grateful to our customers for your constant support, loyalty to our products and the wonderful business relationship built throughout the years. We look forward to another successful year of bringing you quality and affordable signage materials. We will never get tired of saying these magic words to you, “thank you.”