January is National Thank You Month. Business owners can take this opportunity to thank their customers for their loyalty and patronage. All of us at Instant One Media want to thank our loyal customers for supporting our products.

National Thank You Month Don’t Forget Customers

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If you want to express gratitude to your customers for National Thank You Month, there are a number of ways to do so. For one, you can send a thank you card or note. We are accustomed to sending out emails and texts, but there’s something lovely about sending a card via the postal service. If you can hand-write the note, you will lend a personal touch. If not, have the notes printed but sign them by hand.

Another way to express gratitude to customers is through their stomachs. Try sending cookies or candy to clients—or give out lollipops or penny candy to kids who visit your store with their parents.

Everybody loves freebies, so consider expressing gratitude through giveaways or discounts. You don’t have to offer free add-on items to every customer, but you can offer them to your repeat customers to keep them coming back for more. Everybody loves getting a little something extra.

Another great way to thank your patrons—and help the community—is by giving a charitable donation on a customer’s behalf. After donating, inform your customers about the gift.