It’s National Safety Month—an observance dedicated to promoting safety, particularly in the workplace. One of the most important tasks in ensuring safety and good health is to communicate information clearly. Every worker should understand occupational health risks and know how to avoid them. Proper signage should be posted in appropriate places to alert people of potential harm. Vinyl signs are an excellent medium for displaying safety information. They are durable and easy to notice.

National Safety Month

(Pixabay / MabelAmber)

Vinyl signs could help people know how to avoid risks. For example, they could warn about falling objects and remind people to wear safety helmets. They could also teach about safe hygiene practices—such as instructing fast food workers how to properly wash their hands. They could also instruct people about what to do if they are actually exposed to danger. For instance, they could list the steps for CPR or explain what to do in case of an eye injury due to chemicals in the workplace.

Of course, vinyl signs aren’t a solution in and of themselves. There is no substitute for well-trained workers and proper safety equipment. Signs can provide a great reminder, though, to keep safety as a top priority.