National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated during a one-month period that lasts from September 15 through October 15. The celebration recognizes and celebrates the heritage and culture of the Hispanic segment of the U.S. population.

National Hispanic Heritage Month

(Pixabay / Public_Domain_Photography)

Hispanic refers to the cultures of many countries, including Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, and South and Central American. Hispanic people can trace their heritage to countries that were previously colonized by Spain and still consider Spanish as their native language.

The month-long celebration is focused on returning to the traditions of people’s countries of origin. There are efforts and activities to reconnect with these traditions. Even though many Hispanic people have adopted the American way of life, they still maintain ties to their Hispanic roots.

The Hispanic population of the U.S. displays its culture, customs, and traditions in its communities and homes. Decorations may include images or pictures that suggest scenes from one’s original country. They may feature sombreros or chili peppers for those of Mexican origin or Migajon miniatures of animals and flowers for people from Ecuador. You will find also find images of Carnival from countries such as Brazil that host this mega-celebration.

Even people who are not of Hispanic heritage can get in on National Hispanic Heritage Month by decorating their homes or offices. They might add Hispanic-themed vinyl stickers during the celebration. The stickers could depict traditional Spanish tiles in bold colors and designs. They could be showcased on kitchen walls, backsplashes, or countertops. Simply remove the adhesive backing from the stickers and attach them to flat, clean surfaces.

An entry door or a home’s foyer could host welcoming wall decals for themed celebrations. Those wishing to capitalize on the rich history of religious art in the Hispanic culture could depict faith-themed images on vinyl wall stickers.

You don’t have to be of Hispanic origin to enjoy the sights, scents and smells of National Hispanic Heritage Month.