The onset of fall ushers in the biggest advertising season of the year – winter and its holidays. The holiday season offers businesses a great opportunity for their bottom-line. However, the holiday season also poses great risks to businesses in the form of unpredictable weather that can easily ruin the best-laid plans of making huge holiday profits. Winter advertising, therefore, is both a great opportunity to capitalize on holiday spending and a challenge.


Make it Bright

Winter is gloomy and cold but people still do things actively as they crave for light and warmth. Make your advertising signs and promotional materials in bright and warm color that will stand out in the cold days of winter. You will notice that stores are decked in bright red and green during the holiday season. Do the same thing with your advertising materials.

Ride the Spirit of the Season

The holiday season is about Christmas trees, Santa Claus and his reindeer, and snow all over. Use the holiday spirit in your advertising materials. Stores selling gift items could always use the image of Santa Claus, the gift giver, while businesses that carry food items could always depict a happy family on a sumptuous holiday table.

Where People Could See

Most people stay indoors during the cold days of winter. People are active but they mostly are shuffling in and out of the weather as fast as they can, having very little time to be looking around. Advertisers could focus their advertising campaign indoors where most people are during the cold days. Since people travel a lot during the holiday season, transportation hubs could also be the focus of an advertising campaign.

Capitalize on Events and Other Holidays

There are so many holidays during winter: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year. Focus your company’s advertising on each of these holidays. There should be advertisements that capitalizes or focus on Thanksgiving such as giving particular attention on turkeys and other Thanksgiving dinner fares. Likewise, focus your Christmas advertising around Christmas themes.