Vinyl has been around for so long that many people take it for granted. However, there is a litany of creative uses for vinyl that can energize your business. Savvy marketers can use vinyl for exciting and attention-grabbing stickers that will change how consumers perceive a particular brand or company.

Make the Most of Vinyl Signs for your Business

(Pixabay / geralt)

The following are examples of how vinyl has been used creatively in marketing campaigns:

  • HomePlus subway store – HomePlus promoted the opening of its New York grocery store by transforming the subway platform into an image of product aisles in a grocery store. This was accomplished through the innovative use of vinyl stickers made to look like product display shelves.
  • Manhole coffee cups – Folgers coffee made a manhole cover design out of vinyl. The manhole cover appeared to be a steaming cup of coffee. Placed over the manholes of Manhattan, the covers looked like the tops of giant, steaming cups of joe. The caption around the mouth of the coffee cup read: “Hey, city that never sleeps. Wake up. Folgers.” You can bet that this campaign caught the attention of passers-by.
  • Broken storefront windows – Apple promoted its newest iPad with eye-catching displays for its storefronts. Using vinyl graphics that looked like shattered windows, Apple demonstrated the demand for its newest product. The windows were virtually impossible to ignore.
  • Tooth cavities – Elmex toothpaste created a cavity prevention ad in the locker rooms of the most popular fitness club in Israel. The two rows of lockers were made to look like a mouthful of teeth. When one locker was opened, it created the impression of missing teeth. Materials promoting the cavity-preventing properties of the toothpaste were placed inside the lockers.

If you’re not using vinyl to promote your company, you could be missing a prime opportunity. By thinking out of the box, you can create vinyl promotional materials that potential customers won’t be able to ignore.