As we celebrate our Presidents and the mind-boggling executive decisions that they must make on a daily basis, you deserve credit for the saavy executive decision maker that you are too. If you are looking for a perfect lamination solution for your wall graphics, vehicle or for covering PVC substrates, or for any other commercial purpose, Instant One Media is taking the market by storm.

There are different varieties of vinyl laminates available in the market, but most of the lot suffers from the common issue of bubble trap. Or, you’re stuck with pricey, name brand solutions only.

  • Avery
  • 3M
  • Oracal
  • Brightline

Beyond just wanting to get a good price on your 54″ bulk laminate, you want to make sure that you maintain high quality too. One of the biggest problems vendors run into when using vinyl is bubbles. Spreading a laminate on a surface without letting even a bit of air in is really a difficult task; and even the professionals often are not able to provide a complete smooth effect every time, due to trapping of air in between the surfaces. To solve on this common issue when using laminate, we came up with no-bubble vinyl. This cold lamination film not only solves the issue of bubble trap, but also offers a great finish and high protection to the surface. The product has been developed after years of research in the field, and it encapsulates the latest technology to provide air bubble free lamination.

Features and Usage

Our vinyl is powered by advanced air release No Bubble technology, which supports easy installation, and without trapping any air in. These removable vinyl sheets are available in 54′” x 150′ size; and they are white in color. That’s it. We don’t weigh you down with unnecessary choices. We offer only two products; air-release removable vinyl and cold lamination film. You can also pick the gloss or the matte variety of the vinyl depending on the desired effect. The vinyl is perfect for

  • walls
  • floors
  • vehicles
  • acrylic substrates
  • PVC substrates
  • di-bond substrates
  • sign wraps
  • directional signage
  • real estate signs

This high quality vinyl/laminate can be used for just about anything.

Cost Effectiveness

Amazingly, our vinyl comes at a price which is as cheaper as IJ 35c laminates, or any other of the cheapest varieties that offer permanent lamination. A single sheet of the vinyl starts off at just $99 and $129. Our product provides great longevity for indoor applications, as well as outdoor use.