Vinyl banners are among the easiest and most practical way of promoting brands and businesses. Vinyl banners are digitally printed using large format printers, which can print an outdoor billboard, in full color, on a single piece of material. The material used for this kind of printing job is usually PVC or heavy weight vinyl. The banner materials have different substrates that ranges from light to heavy. The vinyl banner may be printed single or double-sided.


Vinyl banners may be pasted or stapled on a wall or hard surface or it may be hanged. To hang a vinyl banner, grommets or rings need to be inserted on the edges or corners of the banner. The grommets or rings, which could be made of metal, plastic, or rubber, need to be flared or collared on the sides of the banner.

The Message

A banner, as a form of advertisement, is intended to give a message to its target audience. A banner must catch the attention of potential customers who are both distracted and busy in the day-to-day of life. Potential customers will not be able to read a long message as they pass by. The most that passing customers will be able to read will be from 5 to 8 words only. The banner must carry a message that sums up, in very few words, what is being advertised. The message must use persuasive, strong, and exciting calls to action for potential customers to patronize the product or brand being advertised.


The location of your vinyl banner has the same importance as the location of your business. Do not waste money or create confusion by placing banners in hard to see places or by covering the name of the business. Place vinyl banners in areas that will catch the attention of both drivers and pedestrians. Indoor banners must strike the interest of customers, leading them to seek sales representatives for inquiries.

Design and Visibility

The design of vinyl banners and the color combination to be used must catch the attention of potential customers. Both the design and the color combination must be visible from a distance.