Vinyl is supposed to stick to any flat surface. However, you may run into some difficulty sticking vinyl to drywall.

One reason that it is difficult to stick vinyl onto a painted surface is the presence of VOCs or volatile organic compounds in the paint. VOCs are the solvents that get released into the air during the paint’s drying process.  As long as the paint is releasing VOCs, it is not completely dry.


Installing Vinyl Onto Painted Drywall

(Pixabay / Free-Photos)


The first rule to remember in sticking vinyl to a painted surface is to make sure that the paint is thoroughly dry. Check to find out when the surface was painted and the type of paint that was used. You can then do your research to determine the time it will take the paint to completely dry out. If you cannot find out the exact paint date, make sure that you wait for at least 30 days before sticking your vinyl graphics on the surface.

When the paint is completely dry, you can prep it for the vinyl.

Follow these steps:

  • Test the wall for dryness.
  • For optimal adhesion, clean the painted surface several times.
  • Wipe or clean the wall with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol can change the energy of the surface enough that it will accommodate adhesion.
  • The application of slight heat can also change the surface energy.

Installing vinyl onto a painted surface may not be easy the first time, but it is possible. As you practice, you will learn the intricacies of the task and achieve a good surface-adhesive bond.