Early bird shoppers may finish the last of their holiday purchases by the end of the Thanksgiving weekend, but there will always be procrastinators who wait until the last minute to shop. Businesses should be poised to grab the attention of those eleventh-hour buyers.

Holiday Advertising Tips

(Pixabay / ShenXin)

Here are a few tips for standing apart from the competition:

  • Think colorful – Winter is cold, and the environment can seem dark and gloomy. The use of bright advertising materials will create a warm atmosphere in places where you post your ads. You can use brilliant colors such as red, orange and green in your wall graphics material. Buy boldly colored printing supplies for eye-catching fliers.
  • Go to your customers – Identify the places where people tend to congregate, and post your banners and other advertising materials in those areas. Shopping centers are a great advertising venue during this time of year. Trains and bus terminals are also good places for holiday ads.
  • Incorporate the senses – Include images that conjure up nostalgic holiday smells and sounds in your advertisements.
  • Focus on people – Emotions often run high during the holidays. Reflect these emotions in your advertising campaigns. You can feature the smiling face of a child opening a present or the glowing expressions of two star-struck lovers. These images expressing relatable emotions will get people’s attention.
  • Capitalize on smaller holidays – Everyone knows the big holidays, but there are some minor ones that you could emphasize throughout the year. These could include Cinco de Mayo, Kwanzaa, Mardi Gras and more. Hone in on these less-celebrated occasions to make your business shine.

In addition to these tips, try giving back to the community. This could be your best form of advertising. Everybody appreciates generosity, especially during the holidays. Try sponsoring an activity that will allow your employees to serve those in need. Service can be worth a thousand banners and fliers.