Advertisers use various holidays or events to promote products or services. Their messages can have a significant effect on consumers when they tie in with special occasions, such as Halloween. An effective ad moves customers to action. Many advertisers use wall graphics vinyl to communicate with customers. Oracal wall graphics work especially well on storefronts.

Halloween Advertising

(Pixabay / Pexels)

Whatever the advertising medium, if an ad is to be effective, it should be eye-catching, creative, and complementary to the season. Here are some Halloween ads that have captured the attention of consumers:

  • Paris Disneyland – Disneyland features heroes and villains alike. One recent ad campaign showcased bad guys for Halloween. In one particular ad, Jafar and his posse invaded Disneyland Park with this pithy quote: “ My best quality is not having any.”
  • Mini Cooper – The car company featured a minimalist Halloween ad with a Mini Cooper that was transformed into a Halloween spider on a black background. The ad had a very simple message in small font at the corner: Courage. Take a test drive.
  • Burger King – Burger King released a Halloween Whopper in time for the holiday. The ad featured a black background and a picture of a burger sandwiched between two pitch-black buns. Scary indeed.
  • Woolite – Woolite’s Halloween ad communicated the product’s ability to maintain clothing’s vibrant colors—even after multiple washes. The ad showed an image of a dark night with just a glimpse of the moon. Witches were flying but could not be seen except for their brooms. Why? Because Woolite had kept their apparel as black as ever.

As you promote your business for the upcoming season, find ways to pack a punch by emphasizing holiday themes.