The use of vinyl in interior decoration, graphics, and other media of advertising has grown to unimaginable level in the past few years. Vinyl graphics, digitally printed using large format printers in full color, on a single piece of material, can be seen in billboards, walls, and other areas visible to people. Most often, the materials used for this type of printing job are PVC or heavy weight vinyl that requires film lamination to protect the material and the colors from fading and damage due to exposure to the elements.


Vinyl graphics and signage must be laminated for protection. Different lamination films are available in the market today. The most used lamination films or wrap materials for vinyl graphics and signage are the following:

3M vinyl
3M’s adhesive vinyl film is a two-mil Cast semi-gloss Controltack that offers a guaranteed ten-year performance in the outdoors, a proof of its durability. The film carries a seven-year vertical and two-year horizontal warranty. This film adhesive from 3M is removable adhesive that is capable of sliding or repositioning without showing any visible channel patterns. The film has exceptional air release technology so there will be no bubbles.

3M’s adhesive vinyl film has lift resistance, allowing stretching up to 130 percent without the need for primer of lifting. It is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV or latex printing systems.

Avery vinyl

A favorite among graphics and signage designers and installers, Avery’s MPI 1005 Easy Apply is a two-mil cast gloss white inkjet vinyl with a ten-year outdoor life expectancy and is removable adhesive with the exclusive Easy Apply air egress. It is capable of sliding and removal up to a five-year period without the need of applying heat.

This vinyl film has exceptional compatibility with compound curves, corrugated surfaces, channels and rivets, skipping the primer. The film offers very high gloss finish with minimal show-through pattern. The Avery film is compatible to printing with solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and screen print.
Oracal vinyl

Orajet 3951 RA vinyl film from Oracal is a two-mil high-performance cat glow vinyl whose adhesive is repositionable. It has a known ten-year durability performance in the outdoors. The film is solvent-based with permanent adhesive with air egress, removable up to four years, and is subject to repositioning. It is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and latex printers.

Best Film To Use

All of the three films are excellent, but their use is dependent into different factors that will come into play such as preference of the user and the sizes of the film needed. Any one of the three films will be a good choice as they have shown exceptional performance under different environments. However, why pay more for name brand vinyl when Instant One Media offers wholesale vinyl of comparable quality for a significantly lower cost?