What kids don’t love an Easter egg hunt? In addition to egg hunts and other enjoyable events outdoors there are several ways to get closer to your family this Easter.

Easter activities

Cook up a storm. The chef at heart in you will enjoy easy-to-do recipes. Maximize the fun by letting your kids join in. Easter can make for a great, early kick-off to Spring. Break out the grill and throw on some fried chicken, hotdogs, and burgers. To add some flair to the party, you can add an ice-cream bar where you lay out everyone’s favorite ice cream flavors which they can top with candy sprinkles, whipped cream, chocolate chips, fruits, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, chocolate candies and more.

Decorate, decorate, decorate. Whether you run a sign shop for a living or print stickers on the side, our laminate in bulk is a great way to decorate the entire house. Print up some custom stickers, cute Easter signs, and more. There’s no easier way to get into the mood of Easter than wall-to-wall printouts of Easter scenery.

Do some cleaning in the spring time. If you haven’t cleaned your house for sometime, the beautiful Easter weekend would be the perfect time to do so. Aside from making your home clean, you can also gather a lot of your unwanted belongings and do a yard sale. Kids love yard sales, too. Especially when they can sell an old toy for a buck. Their very own dollar.

Have a game party night with your kids and the rest of the family at home. You can invite some of your friend,s and your kids can have their friends over, too. Set up board games for the adults and video games or other entertainment for the kids.

Make it a movie night at home. You can set up your home to have a viewing of movies centering around Easter.

Regardless of what options you choose from above, or if you decide to celebrate in other ways, one commonality exists and that is Easter decor. Load up on our wholesale laminate and go on a decoration creation binge.