In honor of flag day, businesses come together to remember the American people and all of our freedoms. If you’re a small business like us, you thrive on the concept of free enterprise. That’s why we support American small businesses.

As with any holiday, signage demand increases. That’s why Instant One Media offers eco solvent vinyl and 54″ wide format cold laminate at wholesale prices, among the lowest in the industry. Bulk vinyl materials are needed for all sorts of signage. From commercial signs to market a company’s services, to capture the attention of large target audiences, or to design innovative graphics for private organizations, there is a lot of things that can be done with vinyl and laminate.

Whatever your area of printing expertise, Instant One Media is your one-stop solution for wholesale vinyl and laminate in bulk. By us focusing on just two products only, business owners all over American and across the globe are getting high quality vinyl and lower pricing, allowing for increased profit margins. In a time when the American consumer is being charged a high price for virtually everything that they purchase, our goal is to reverse the trend. We want to make sure that small businesses can buy what they need at the lowest prices possible. By eliminating all of the middlemen and their associated profits, Instant One Media offers businesses and individuals products at direct supplier prices. Because our vinyl materials are available in a wide format 54 inch rolls, businesses can produce anything that they need to fulfill their own printing needs. Gone are the days of needing to pay extra to name brand companies that charge exorbitant prices.
Another great benefit of purchasing vinyl and laminate materials from Instant One Media is being able to order the products needed and receive same day services. Most orders are shipped out of our warehouses on the same day that the order is made online (cut off time is around 4:20 p.m. EST). Once packed, you will receive the materials based on the shipping method. When you’re ready to ramp up business on the holidays, Instant One Media offers competitively priced vinyl materials and laminate with quality that compares to Brightline, Oracal, Avery, and 3M.