Today is Parent’s Day. And as a business owner, that got us thinking. A business that is run in a family oriented manner is often the most successful, as it puts effort and concern towards the welfare of its employees. When staff is treated like family and the owners and management see themselves as part of the team instead of above the team, the whole crew feels vested, and magic happens.

Family Oriented Business

Obviously, there are a lot of scenarios where management and employees play out their professional relationship. However among these, it is the family-oriented style of management consistently shows a lot of success. This type of management contentment cascades through employees in how they help customers, too.

Here are a few tips to boost your company’s productivity by treating staff like family.

  • Show you care. Treat employees with compassion as you’d like to be treated yourself.
  • Make good on agreed terms. Allow and encourage your employees to take advantage of sick days when they’re feeling down and vacation days when they need a break.
  • Let them put family first. When something important is coming up in a staff member’s family life, let them take action. Parents want nothing more than to see their kid’s baseball games, recitals, etc. Letting employees leave an hour early when needed will reinforce a lifetime of loyalty back to your company.

The concept of being family oriented cascades to the products or services that you offer. When you foster trust and dedication, employees are usually motivated to do their best. Your kind gestures to employees are returned with increased productivity and low turnover. Nothing beats a family oriented run business.