Eye Injury Prevention Month is observed in the U.S. every October. It reminds people of the importance of protecting their eyes at home, on the sports field or court, and in the workplace.

Eye Safety and Injury Prevention Month

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The workplace can be especially hazardous to eyes. Many workers injure their eyes on the job, especially when they are not in the habit of using protective eyewear or when employers do not require its use. Flying and falling objects, as well as obstructions that may not be noticed by rushed workers, are common causes of eye injuries.

One way to keep to keep the work environment safe is to post signs in conspicuous areas that will help maintain workers’ safety. Safety signs are essential tools in preventing accidents and could be used for a company’s defense in the event of injury litigation.

Safety signs in the workplace help maintain the well-being of both employees and the visiting public. While workers may be quite familiar with the company’s layout, as well as potential dangers, visitors to the area may not be. The company’s safety officers cannot be around the workplace at all times to warn people of possible risks. Safety signs can help people be vigilant in restricted areas.

There are government regulations on the posting of safety signs in the workplace. Employers should follow established rules in posting the signs. They must use the universal symbols representing different dangers. Sticking to standard signs will ensure broad safety.

Different materials may be used for signage. One popular material is vinyl, which can be easily installed on walls and other surfaces. Oracal wall graphics present an effective and economical way to communicate safety standards and prevent injuries on the job.