Yakima council recently suspended the production on new EMCs (Electronic Message Center) signs, believing that the signs were far brighter than regular ground sounds. The ban came amid concerns among planning commissions and officials for safety and light pollution levels. The concern is that the EMC could be too bright.

This decision is hampering the sign making industry’s ability to produce the type of signs that its customers want, and in this modern era most customers want the option of EMCs.

However ISA, along with a spokesperson for Darktronics, gave a demonstration of EMC performance and function at meeting of the Yakima Planning Commission, to show how the EMC compared to traditional ground signs in terms of brightness. This demonstration showed that traditional ground signs are actually twice as bright as EMCs.

A hearing has now been set for February 12, 2014, on the proposed EMC regulations to be discussed with the Yakima Planning Commission. If you wish to get more information about this issue and the proposals please get in touch with James Carpentier (ISA).

The latest technological entrant, EMCs have been deemed “not so bright” by a study conducted by the Yakima Planning commission in 2014. The study has revealed that the much hyped Electronic Message Center Signs have proven feeble in front of the traditional ground signs. In fact, in one of the demonstrations held by the commission, it was found that the signals released by the technology were merely half the potential of the traditional ground signs. This news has indeed been met with disparity and grief among the popular marketing agencies that have been essentially using the latest technology to promote products and sales.

In a bid to reach a wider audience, many marketing agencies and business houses have been opting for the means of Electronic Message Center Signs, better known by its abbreviation EMCs. Also known as Electronic message boards, this LED equipped technology seeped in a revolution in the world of marketing! These energy saving tools caught the attention of all the potential marketers for its high quality displays, larger than life pictures, 24×7 graphic broadcasts, super-simple inbuilt messaging software that rotates the fed messages over and over again. However, nevertheless how effective advertisement tools they seem to be, this latest technological entrant has received flak from the Yakima Planning Commission in Yakima.

The officials of the International Sign Association (ISA) and Daktronics- designer and manufacturer of EMcs were present during the conduct of the demonstration. Headed by the Yakima Planning Council, the new revelation has cleared the stir behind the brightness level of the EMCs. Following the rise in the controversies and debates on its illumination capacity among the city officials, the Yakima Council placed a moratorium on EMCs, thereby prohibiting its use completely until April 30, 2014. Further, the council planned a hearing on the new proposed regulations of EMC on February 12, 2014.