Spring provides a welcome relief from the dim and frigid days of winter. The sun shows its face more, and trees and flowers return to life. In keeping with the spirit of the season, advertisers can spring into action with renewed efforts. Here are just a few ways to up your advertising game while capitalizing on the spirit of the season:

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Explore the outdoors

People venture out more in spring after being cooped up throughout winter. Bring your sales outside as well. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, consider holding a sidewalk sale. Put up signs early, giving people adequate time to get excited about the upcoming sale.

You can also promote your outdoor items and services such as lawn maintenance equipment, sports gear, and active clothing.

Streamline your inventory

People seize upon spring as a time to clear their home of trash that may have accumulated throughout the winter. Do the same with your business. Clear out old inventory by offering deep discounts on merchandise from former seasons.

Brighten things up

The beautiful colors of spring can uplift the human spirit. Opt for bright spring colors in your advertising campaigns. Bright colors attract viewers’ attention and enliven your ads and signage.

Sponsor a sports team

Spring sports leagues are often looking for sponsors. You can support your community while promoting your business. You may be able to have your company name printed on the team’s uniforms or put up banners around their stadiums or playing fields.

Seize upon the promises of spring-including the promise of winning advertising campaigns for your business.