Banner ads are very useful for promoting products or services during holidays and special occasions. Valentine’s Day is one of the major retail holidays of the year. Marketers need to take advantage of this holiday to grow their sales.

Effective Valentines Day Banner

(Pixabay / MabelAmber)

Banner designers know that Valentine’s Day ads must reflect the importance of the occasion. The following are some of the most effective Valentine’s Day ads.

  • Skiddle Restaurants banner ad – On this banner, a man and a woman are seated at a restaurant table, complete with candles and wine glasses and a background of a red heart. The message is simple:, Weekends matter – reserve a table. This is a clear reminder to people to hurry up and make a reservation at their favorite restaurant.
  • Wurst – On a dark background are the images of a hotdog and bun facing each other. At the bottom of the banner is the message: “Happy Valentine’s Day” – Wurst. Nothing complicated here. This ad is a simple reminder of the beauty of finding someone who you fit together with.

As you contemplate your next banner ad, keep in mind the types of banner ads that perform the best. These include:

  • Banners that resonate with the target audience – People will buy a product when they can relate to the ad. Get on your customers’ level, and make sure that your message connects your product to your intended audience.
  • Banners that use the right color scheme and fonts – The colors and fonts of your banner must invoke the occasion. You can’t go wrong with red and pink on Valentine’s Day. Choose fancy, flowery fonts to suggest feelings of love and romance.
  • Banners that use flower power – Flowers play a prominent role in the celebration of Valentine’s Day—and who doesn’t love flowers? Use flower images to get your audience’s attention.

Work closely with your ad designers to come up with a product that will appeal to your customers’ emotions while properly showcasing your products selling points.