Outdoor advertising has long been known to be effective in reaching out to commuters, pedestrians and practically anyone who is out on the streets. A stroll around the city will treat you to a list of outdoor advertising forms.

• transit advertising in or on buses, cabs and other public and even private vehicles
• big billboards with its neon signs and glittering lights
• bus benches
• sidewalk signs

Outdoor advertising

Since there are so many brands using outdoor advertising, it is important to create a good and quick impression upon customers. The colors should be bold and attractive, and the concept should be unique and interesting. Needless to say, your outdoor advertising should stand out.

What makes outdoor advertising effective?

Your brand and contact information should be clearly visible.

Take into consideration the speed of the passing vehicle and the amount of information that the public will be able to absorb in passing. If your outdoor advertising, may it be on billboards, transit or even some posters on the bus stops, it should be clear, big and very visible.

Consider the location of your outdoor advertising.

Areas like those near the traffic stop light, street corners, a spot just around the bend or areas that usually encounters heavy traffic are good locations for your billboards. However, they are more expensive as compared to other locations. For example, bus-bench advertising or ads placed at eye level near bus stops are highly visible and usually cheaper than billboards. Balance cost and visibility.

“Sandwich men” is an affordable form of outdoor advertising. These are the ads that you see with a man holding two signs connected over his shoulders; one sign in back and one in front. You will often see sandwich men in crowded areas like outside of the malls, near public spaces, or outside the store that is being promoted.

Electronic signs are among the newest innovations. However, with new innovation comes high cost.

Whatever form of advertising that you try, remember that the design, layout, and colors used for the ads must be catchy and contribute to your ad’s effectiveness. Should your summer advertising include sign printing or vehicle wraps, don’t forget to shop our bulk laminate rolls.