Advertising plays an essential role on passing a manufacturer’s message to the consumers. The message creates a drastic effect especially when it carries the message of a special occasion, such as Halloween. Consumers tend to change their choice of products when they are impressed by the manner the manufacturer’s message is conveyed to them.


Great companies promote their products and their brands for the Halloween season in a manner that will really impress. For a Halloween advertising to be successful, it must include the following characteristics: creative, eye-catching, creates a memory of the brand, fits nicely with the season, and makes you want to buy the product. Some of the excellent and inspiring Halloween TV advertisements are the following:

  • Nike’s “Run for your Life” – This commercial shows the importance of sports or exercising to the life of everybody and at the same time capitalizing on the theme of the season, horror on Halloween. Running away from an ax murderer is no easy feat but the female character can easily outrun him because she wears a pair of Nike. The ax murderer collapsed at the end due to an apparent heart attack. Moral of the story: You can outrun an evil character if you are physically fit, especially if you are training with a pair of Nike shoes.
  • Dulux Paint – It’s Halloween and ghost’s time. A man woke up from the noise made by someone from downstairs. He went downstairs to check if there was intruder. The ghost of a lady met him and he ran back to his room. As legend goes, ghosts can penetrate walls so the lady ghost went straight into the bedroom’s wall. It turned out the wall was coated with Dulux paint. “Nothing repels like Dulux Wash & Wear Advanced.”
  • Lux – Save Your Skin – A lady went home on a stormy night. She went straight to the shower to be ready for a comfortable night of rest. The chainsaw murderer appeared on the scene, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting lady. Walking towards the house under a heavy rain, the chainsaw murderer approached until the lady accidentally dropped through the bathroom window her bar of Lux bath soap. The chainsaw murderer stepped on the bar of soap and slipped!

A lot of good product advertisements capitalized on the horror theme but were able to subtly promote their brand.